Deputy COO – Finance & Compliance 

Deputy COO – Finance & Compliance - NYC hedge fund spin-off from top 3 activist fund and seeded by $2b from family office needs an expert in finance and compliance to back up the COO.  You’ll learn the other non-investment functions if you don't know them.  Hybrid schedule of 2/3 days in office.  Initial total compensation of $400k to $500k+, which could be guaranteed in the first year, with unlimited bonus based on performance.  We've worked w/ client for >20 yrs.  ZG 

Bolt the other functional areas (tax, compliance, operations, trading, IT, OpDD, management company, treasury, HR, valuation, risk, business development, investor relations, etc.) onto your CFO and other non-investment expertise by learning and backing up the COO.  In two years you’ll be ready to be a COO at any size fund.

$2B equity restructuring hedge fund, seeded by a family office seeks a non-investment accounting, compliance, operations, trading, and risk subject-matter-expert, with emphasis on the former two, to learn from and partner with the Chief Operations Officer in the firm’s midtown office.

You must have 10 years of experience as a CFO and CCO at a small fund or as the deputy to those positions and also have significant knowledge in all aspects of the workflow of a hedge fund.  Public market investment experience preferred.  Knowledge of the capital structures that an activist hedge fund might take and the instruments to hedge them a plus.  You must be scrappy, a self-starter and willing to do whatever it takes/whenever it takes it to get the job done.  

A CPA and buy-side experience is a plus but there are infinite ways to obtain the knowledge of these pluses.

It’s likely you work/worked at small/start-up funds so you create and lead all components of the infrastructure. It would also be good if you worked at least one large organization so you understand the politics and had the resources to work with the best resources (i.e., outsourcing firms, technology, smartest people).  You also have excellent critical thinking skills as evidenced by your academic achievements.

You must have excellent broad subject-matter-expertise and it’s the culture fit that is even more important.  Be prepared to give examples that demonstrate these primary behaviors (high emotional intelligence, sound judgment, honesty/Integrity, attention to detail, strong listening skills, getting things done) and secondary behaviors (analytical skills, drive/ambition, resilience, character, organization/planning skills, follow-through/persistence, adaptability, open and accepting of coaching.)

Most compensation will be in the form of a bonus based on your and the fund’s performance.  While compensation is important, it's the difference you can make that will motivate you.