Advice Discussion - Not an Information Interview

See here for a practical step-by-step "recipe" for an advice discussion, which based on Adam Grant's observation below shouldn't be called an information interview. This is what we'll use to roleplay the Advice Discussion.

Adam Grant, in his book Hidden Potential, makes an important distinction between seeking information/feedback and advice.  "Feedback is backward-looking - it leads people to criticize you or cheer for you.  Advice is forward-looking - it leads people to coach you.  You can get your critics and cheerleaders to act more like coaches by asking a simple question: What's one thing I can do better next time."

An advice discussion is a meeting in which a person seeks insights on a career, industry, company, or corporate culture from someone with experience in that area. Unlike a job interview, the goal of an advice discussion isn't to seek employment. Instead, it's a tool for gathering information and advice. This type of interview can be a powerful way to build a network, learn about employment opportunities, and better understand an industry or specific job role.

Here are some key aspects of advice discussions:

Advice discussions are particularly beneficial for students, recent graduates, or anyone considering a career change, as they provide a realistic picture of what to expect in different roles and industries.