Career Guidance & Introductory Services (CGIS)

No time. Haven’t looked for a job in years?  How do people look for jobs today?  Not sure how to confidentially conduct a job search? 

Is your family/those closest to you on board?  How do I keep my job search confidential?  What's the possibility of being discovered looking for a job? 

How do I market myself?  Do I have a non-compete and do I understand what it means?  Should I apply for a job I find online or through social media… about one I am referred to or through my network?  

Haven’t interviewed in a long time?  Maybe I can risk one interview with one person but what if they want to do more interviews with more people?  

How will I handle giving references?  When I get an offer, should I accept it?  How do I do proper due diligence on the new employer?   How do I confidentially seek advice from trusted advisors in my network?  Should I have my spouse/other personal stakeholders meet with the potential new employer to get their opinion of the people?

How can I be sure the employer’s culture and mine align?  

How do I negotiate a fair offer?  What happens to any money left on the table?  How do I do backdoor reference checks on the people at the firm and the employer?  How do I mitigate the risk of joining a new employer?  Is it risky to bring up/not bring up severance during the offer process?  Do I have a relationship with an attorney to advocate for me when evaluating the language in the offer?  

How do I professionally leave my employer?  How do I notify my former employer’s clients?  How do I notify my network?

CGIS has the answers to these questions and more by guiding you through the entire mark-to-market/job search maze. (1)

Being on the inside at Goldman Sachs and a hedge fund that was acquired by Goldman, a Partner at Heidrick & Struggles (a top 3 retained search firm), and as CEO of my firm where we’ve placed hundreds in alternative investment firms and family offices equips us to do this. (2)  We are fully equipped to partner with you every step of the way. (3)

As a Career-Advice-Client (“CAC”), we’ll learn what is personally and professionally important to you.  Focusing on what you’ve accomplished and how those accomplishments can be leveraged, we’ll give you honest guidance.

If we mutually agree that CGIS can help you accomplish your objectives, we’ll produce a written plan with specific measurable results and with transparency so you can monitor our actions.

Your responsibilities:

Consulting Fee: Monthly retainer netted against an hourly rate determined based on specifics of the consulting.


(1) We’ve guided Career-Advice-Clients ("CAC") through every one of the scenarios posed by these questions.  Ask me for examples and references so you’ve done the proper due diligence on me.

(2) During our 20+ years, we’ve worked with repeat clients and completed investment, risk, sales, finance, accounting, operations, and family office estate assignments for buy-side and sell-side firms.

(3) Need other resources such as a career coach, personal coach, psychological testing to assess your situational leadership style, advice on books you can read so you can brainstorm about alternative approaches to solve problems, other bolt-on lanes you can pursue, etc.  We can introduce you to these resources.