Interviewing Basics

Please note:  Employers can access personal emails that are sent/received on employer computers so please consider this when using company computers for personal business.

Please let us know, if we haven’t covered non-competes, if you have a non-compete with your current/former employer that could affect your potential employment with the client you are interviewing with.

Also, always present yourself most professionally by dressing in a suit (let me know if you cannot wear a suit so I can let the client know; grooming properly (shaving, not wearing too much cologne or perfume, etc.).  Two people this year did not move forward because of mistakes in this area.  If it is appropriate to explain personal matters (i.e., divorce, losing a friend or loved one, etc.), please try not to be too emotional as this could be considered unprofessional.  Three people did not move forward because of this year.

Best Practices