Using the S.T.A.R. Method To Have your Resume Stand Out

What is more credible to a listener, telling or showing?  

Telling forces the listener to accept your conclusion.  Showing, using objective, quantitative, unbiased statements and storytelling allows the listener to draw their own conclusions - and using the STAR method accomplishes this

Using the STAR method, helps you and your resume stand out.  When used properly, it's like a mini case study of a problem you solved.

It is also great in interviews to communicate how you can solve current problems by using the STAR storytelling format.   It helps you create an easy to understand and concise narrative.  

Rather than just reading what your responsibilities are, the resume reader will:

Each responsibility/situation can then be turned into a bullet on your resume and/or an answer to an interview question, especially if the interviewer is using behavioral interviewing.

So how to begin?  Create five columns on a piece of paper, in a word document or in a spreadsheet labeling them:  

I. Creating the Responsibilities/Accomplishments List

I suggest you use one or two ways to create the items in column 1 (Responsibilities/Accomplishment):

In column 1, list the responsibility/accomplishment, in column 2,  date it and in column 3 classify (e.g., leadership, problem-solving, overcoming obstacles, working well with people, etc.)  Use column 2 (date) to know where it could be a bullet on your resume and use it to answer behavioral interviewing questions.

II. Using the Responsibilities/Accomplishment List to Create Your STARs

Using what you learned here, breakdown the responsibilities/accomplishments into STARs so they create the story you will use to communicate how the problem you solved in the past predicts that you will be able to solve the current problem.

As an illustration, click on the below links showing the original resume, first draft of STAR spreadsheet, final STAR spreadsheet and final resume using results from STAR spreadsheet.

Create your own spreadsheet or contact me and I'll send you a template spreadsheet or share a spreadsheet with you.